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Venice | Day 3

Coffee, Canals and a Fish Market in the Floating City

Story by Andy Johnson III September 20th, 2016

Having only a partial day left in Venice, we packed our bags, settled our bill at Camping Rialto and checked our bags into security at the train station. We hurried off to a coffee shop that we heard was the best local roaster in Venice and it did not disappoint. Making our way back to the Rialto Bridge, we purchased a beautiful handmade leather photo album that we had found on our first day in Venice.

Walking among the locals and tourists at the Rialto Market, we found the fish market that was previously closed on Sunday and it was buzzing with activity around the day’s catch. I found myself more aware of the locals on this day and less focused on the sites. Perhaps, the third day is what it takes sometimes to get us to look around appreciate the people that inhabit the places that we visit.


Torrefazione Cannaregio

The Finest Locally Roasted Coffee in Venice

Trip Advisor described Torrefazione Cannaregio as the best coffee roaster in Venice. As lovers of fine coffee, this was a place that we could not miss. The sound of Italians ordering their varieties of espresso drinks filled the air along with the aroma of freshly ground coffee. Observing the Italian approach to coffee, we found that everyone orders a small espresso drink and sips it while visiting with others before going on their way. We enjoyed a Venexian, an espresso with chocolate and cream, along with fresh pastries. I also sipped a Caffe Filtro since one cup of coffee was not enough to enjoy in this environment. Torrefazione Cannaregio served us the finest coffee and experience that we enjoyed in Europe.


Where Locals and Tourists Intersect

I’m amazed that the Venetians are able to navigate through these narrow canals with their large boats. This guy in particular was especially impressive as he turned this corner and made it look easy. As a guy who has some experiencing navigating with larger boats, I know how hard this is and I don’t think that a boat under my care would last a day in these canals.


Campo Della pescaria

Looking Over the Day’s Catch at the Rialto Market

Arrivederci Venezia

One Last Cicchetti Lunch and Saying Goodbye to this Lovely City

We enjoyed our last meal in Venice at All’Arco, eating the cicchetti for which this restaurant is known. Like the fish market, it was closed on Sunday when we first tried to visit so this gave us the chance to circle back. The cicchetti was lovely but the restaurant was quite small and featured minimal seating. As we stood up to leave, I noticed the locals interacting with a cashier in a cafe across the street. As they laughed and carried on, I snapped away at the beautifully lit scene and this image captures their interactions best.

We found this handmade leather photo album at a shop on the Rialto Bridge and we love it!
Footnote: Captured with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and using the XF 10-24mm f/4, XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4, XF 16mm f/1.4, and XF 35 f/2 lenses. Edited in Lightroom with an RNI film preset to match Instagram’s Rise filter.
Venice, Italy